Here I am being relatable compared to the unattainable heights of Miley

la la la la laaaaa what a happy and relatable post you’ve been craving, amirite? Since I’ve been on this sweet sweet road to recovery I’ve been crying less and less, and I’m begining to worry that instead of getting better I’m actually turning to stone. To ensure this doesn’t happen, to me or you, I’ve made this little list to keep me human….


  1. You imagined the birth of your future children
  2. You caught your eye in a mirror and you can’t believe you’re doing this life thing
  3. You tried to start a bullet journal
  4. You missed the bus
  5. You realized there is not a handbook for life
  6. A fart is loud when you thought it would be quiet
  7. You stubbed your poor little toe
  8. You thought about your friends and how much you love them whilst staring at 2008 profile pictures
  9. You saw your 2008 prof pics
  10. You realized you’ll never make piles of cash money
  11. You lost your ‘pussy knickers’ ie. The ones with a kitten on the front
  12. You had the coil put in
  13. You remembered having the coil put in
  14. Your period is due
  15. You’re on your period
  16. You’ve just come off your period
  17. A man on the bus called you ‘hysterical’ and he didn’t mean you’re funny
  18. You took your meds at a normal time and where overwhelmed by your recovery
  19. You realized you now unironically use words like ‘recovery’
  20. You can’t stop sweating
  21. You made banana bread and it convinced you that God exists
  22. You know that you’ll never really be able to chat to your cat about what’s really on her mind
  23. You suspect that your cat actually hates you
  24. You’ve noticed that most days you describe the world as ‘cruel’
  25. You overheard somebody call Birkenstocks ‘basic.’


Now that you’re emotionally balanced you can get on with your week.



  1. Laura August 16, 2017 / 12:37 pm

    you actually crack me up #sorelatable

    • hungrygraduate2017 August 28, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      omg thank you i live to be #relatable xo

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