Hi, I’m Rosy and this is where I blog like its 2010. I started this blog in 2015 but I became mentally ill as I heard it was very on trend for 2016 and so had to stop blogging. BUT IM BACK NOW! HOW EXCITING!*

I’m 23, a raging feminist, true crime enthusiast, and young mother.** Here you will find my wild ramblings and franctic essays. I fully intend this to become my full time career in about 3 weeks, so please don’t think you have found a humble corner of the internet for the earnest thoughts of a young woman. If you hate women then please turn around, there is nothing for you here, but do leave your Twitter handle at the door as I hope to troll you in my spare time.

OK this is the longest thing I have ever written in my life so bye.


*I don’t wish to know if you are anything but estatic.

**Brian, my hamster, is 18months old and yes he accepts gifts.