opzioni binarie notizie I’m not saying anything ground breaking to note that I have seen some feminists, learning and growing just like me, be dragged over hot coals for misguided things that they have said. Sometimes a white cis woman has gone onto a comment section guns blazing asking if a black woman can explain to her why it is cultural appropriation if she wears braids in her blonde hair or another woman, Zadie Smith, has said that make up is a waste of time and not something women should be spending their time on. These two examples are different, but the women saying them can sometimes be treated the same, denounced as sexist or racist and told to be quiet. It’s important to call out toxic or problematic* behavior, but sometimes it isn’t done in the kindest of ways. Tbh public shaming in feminism can be so harsh that I would 100% spend a whole week with someone who describes themselves as     ‘35 years young and a graduate of the school of life’ than be called out by a group of feminists that I respect. So, there are certain topics that I listen to others more than I offer my own opinion and then there are some things that I avoid talking about all together. I do not want to be dragged over those coals!

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click here But there is one thing that I want to discuss but can’t find much out there about it. One of the ways that women experience discrimination is for their weight. Since cave times, when a woman needed one extra leaf to cover her body and another woman in her family needed one less leaf, the patriarchy has been shitting on women for their bodies. In fact, below highlights the unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies. In feminist circles a movement called body positivity has emerged and finally women who have been silenced for so long are being given a platform and are KILLING IT! I am ride and die for Tess Holliday and Jessamyn Stanley.

source BUT – because part of many feminist spaces is a big FUCK YOU to trivial patriarchal standards for women’s bodies I don’t know how to say and haven’t seen other feminists saying… hey galz…. Hey I’m on a *whispers* diet…. I mean, surely some of us are on diets? الخيارات الثنائية استعراض المنتدى Is there a way that I can talk about my experiences loosing weight and uphold my disdain for the patriarchy?**  

opzioni digitali fa guadagnare I realize I sound like I’m Taylor Swift level of dramatic, but I’m honestly unsure how to talk about this with other feminists.

I feel more comfortable talking about loosing my hair or whether or not I should get a bikini wax than I do about trying to loose the three stone I gained at university.



Hit me up with some feminist gems about loosing weight normally and feminist-y….


* I’m a cliché. Cuff me.

** omg why don’t I use the word disdain more? I disdain everything.


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  1. Laura September 20, 2017 / 10:45 am

    I’m on diet!! I hate that this is such a taboo now. I’ve gained like 7 kilos since moving to London because I eat like shit and drink like a sailor, so for me being on a diet isn’t about the patriarchy. It’s about wanting to be healthy, acknowledging my own behaviour was/is toxic AND wanting to get to a place of body positivity for myself. I’m way more confident than I used to be before I “discovered” feminism but I still wanna be healthy and feel my best!

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