I’ve had so many messages asking to run through my beauty tips and all I can think is, but its only me Rosy, a normal girl from Manchester… My own beauty and other people’s obsession with it continuously humble me; I really am the luckiest girl in the world. Of course I want to help anyone look more beautiful so I’ll give you a quick run through of how I maintain being a style icon and how you can do the same.


  1. I’m sometimes left alone for half an hour.

I’m trying to make more responsible decisions that don’t include hamsters or tattoos and so I thought ooo I want to get creative on my face. I’ve been seeing lots of these wavy brows and lips on the Internet and I thought – THIS IS EVERYTHING MY BEAUTY ROUTINE HAS EVER NEEDED AND IT DOESN’T LOOK PERMINANT OR LIKE IT WOULD ENDAGER AN ANIMALS LIFE. (lol remember when I bought 3 hamsters in 6 months).


  1. Find your inspiration.

Aside from Mother Teresa, I like to keep some insta models on hand for inspiration. I think of them as inspiration for the soul and inspiration for the… skin? Either way don’t rely on your own creativity because in the past that has lead me to make some *interesting* decisions. Now that I am heavily medicated I don’t make the mistake of thinking for myself.


  1. Know what is trendy.

Realistically all style choices we make now are going to look insane in 30 years and so you want to be able to quickly point to someone else so you can blame them for your choices. STICK TO THE CROWD!! When my children question the sheer amount of copper homewear I own, I’m going to defiantly point at Zoella and therefore relinquish all responsibility for my choices. See my brows and lips look fucking cool here, but as hard as it is to imagine, they’re probably not going to be the dog’s bollocks forever. When my children question it in 20 years though, I can say, “Shush, it was trendy and if you question me I won’t tell you who your real father is.”


  1. Believe in yourself.

Babe, let me tell you now… YOU. CAN. PULL. THIS. OFF. There are so many looks that I have doubted before I took them on and then WOW I AM A QUEEN!! I managed to pull off ‘accidentally bald’ for a year so just remember that when you’re unsure if you should go with that pink eyeliner. You will look like a unicorn and not like you have pink eye.


  1. Share it all over the Internet.

How will you know if it happened or not if you don’t do this? Don’t tell me you’re not chasin those likes.


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