MY FEMINIST HAVENS ON THE INTERNET When I was 18 and began identifying as a feminist. A friend bought me Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to be a Woman’ for my birthday and I read it thinking, ‘YES, I AM THIS, THIS IS WHO I AM. CAITLIN I AM U WE R THE SAME. CAITLIN I ALSO AM WHAT YOU ARE.’ I had soooo much to learn but I had no time because I was so busy telling everyone how shit they were at feminism. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME AGED 18: Everyone: Hey Rosy, how is your da…


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source link In my first term at university I sat in a Feminist Society meeting and spoke about how there was no representation of Christian women and that I felt invisible. I have only just managed to accept that this happened after years of cringing too much to even think about maybe possibly remembering that it was something I said. Nobody called me out, or if they did I wasn’t really listening.

sistema binario forex I think I began to settle into my feminism, read, listen and stop screaming half formed thoughts about feminism and equality when I found my people. I found other feminists and so I didn’t need to shout at them, I could learn from them! So, because I don’t want to give you my irl feminist friends, here are some online spaces that I go to learn more from other feminists and share my own experiences that inform my own feminism. You can send this to your feminist pal and then talk to one another about nothing but feminism. NB:  I cannot promise that I don’t share poetry about my labia.

  1. Wolf Whistled

see url I’m not sure if you know but omg people are still on FB! Wild, I know. Wolf Whistled is a Facebook group where people share content that is affirming and soothing to my feminist soul and other times people share bullshit that we can call out together and discuss why it is a pile of trash. My fave thing about this group is when people share experiences they’ve had and then everyone responds in a way that’s like ‘me too’ or is just like ‘you’re valid and not crazy and that is shit, I’m sorry that happened.’ At times it can feel really negative calling out all the bullshit in the world, but this group feels empowering, positive and intersectional – which is basically all I’m dreaming of in a feminist space.

  1. Rookie Mag

motor hook up chart Raving about Rookie is like someone asking if you have heard of their favourite author,  Margaret Atwood. BUT so many people rave about it because honestly, Rookie warms my heart and has taught me more than I ever learnt in Spanish, Physics and Business Studies GCSE ever did. Rookie is an online magazine for teens by teens. I am 23, but these feminists have so much to teach me and are so #relatable that I’m not about to move on any time soon.  They have posts from, ‘Trusting Your Own Authority’ to, ‘How to Take Action on the Environment’ and, ‘Life Skill: How to Reduce Drama.’

I dare you to tell me that you don’t need those things in your life. (Plz feel free to do so as it might be you trusting your own authority and I don’t want to squash your truth).

  1. Ambivallently Yours ‘Rebelliously Tiny’ Podcast

Ambivalently Yours is an artist who’s art has taken the internet by feminist storm. You will have seen it, she draws obscure and doll like girls on a pink background. Her art is dreamlike and promotes strong feminist messages, but I’m here to jump up and down about her new podcast called ‘Rebelliously Tiny.’ In each episode of her podcast she, and a pal, answer one of thousands of questions that she is asked online. I love this podcast because the feminism it embodies is so accessible and doesn’t require a Women’s Studies degree. It is sharing experiences, kindness and lifting all women and non binary people up. I love it.

  1. gal-dem Mag

Again, saying that gal-dem is a feminist fave and expecting to surprise anyone is like the Pope telling his best mate that he is a catholic. gal-dem is an online (and in print) magazine produced by women and non binary people of colour. A friend of mine told me about gal-dem in a talk she did on black girlhood and since then I have been hooked to the creativity of this online space. They cover so many topics but my fave are the opinion pieces, which are sharp, funny and if you are looking for a call to activism and a place to learn about experiences of the world that are different/ the same as your own then settle in and read for hours. My friend who introduced me to gal-dem wrote a piece for them so I would be a total tit if I didn’t tell you all to read it here.


  1. My ankle.

I would be remiss to ignore the most feminist space I know of, my ankle. Sometime’s i look at my Venus tattoo cynically as it didn’t increase my commitment to feminism and maybe I only got it to remind myself that I’m a feminist and garner attention from others and be hip and be radical and…. I shave over it every week because I feel happier with smooth legs and does having the Venus sign mean I don’t support gender equality but rather misandry?  I know I can do whatever with my leg hair and that my tattoo represents how I feel connected to my womanhood to my very core – but still I must doubt because otherwise I would have to think about productive things/ other people.  You’d think that this is something that isn’t on the internet but you better believe that me and my pal Izi snap chatted EVERY MOMENT of getting our matching signs of womanhood.

  1. Vulva La Revolution Podcast

Realistically, I shouldn’t have to tell you why you need Esther’s podcast in your life as the name should be reason enough. I was so enamoured with the name of this podcast that I told everyone at work about it… I am working on my professionalism. Vulva la Rev is a podcast where Esther interviews women in the UK doing kick ass things and they all talk about feminism and their projects/ campaigns/ businesses/ life. My personal fave episode is with Repeal Manchester – a campaign based in Manchester that aims to make the Irish government repeal the eighth amendment of the Irish Constitution that makes abortion illegal…. my other fave is the episode I’m in where I talk about Every Month and ok self promo over.

  1. Call Your Girlfriend

WHAT? ANOTHER PODCAST? OMG IT’S AS IF I WORK IN AN OFFICE AND DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE ALL DAY… I love CYG because 1, you can never get too much Robyn and 2 I love strong female friendships that span long distances and fight the feminist fight. This podcast is two best friends, who live far away from each other, catching up on their lives, news and pop culture. They have their heads so screwed on and take no shit, they only serve to uplift women and stay BFFs. I would suggest listening to them while you unwind in the bath, soaking in Epsom salts and pure joyful feminism.


Obviously you can still be a feminist and love things that aren’t F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T , but for when you want to chill and be soothed, these are places to go. Except my ankle, if you touch me I will kick u.




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