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http://tennisclubpaimpol.fr/bisese/8313 I would be lying if I said I hadn’t started this blog to launch my career into the fashion industry. I’ve noticed that many cool galz online do a run down of what is in their handbag each month and I thought I should do the same because I think a person can tell a lot about me from what I keep in my bag.


http://kokiqq.net/?ruuw=binary-option-24option&818=d6 1.TWO PASSION FRUITS.

follow site I am constantly trying to getmy 5 a day and that is why I like to keep some fruit in my bag, so that I can keep myself away from any naughty snacks. Unfortunately, I haven’t a knife or spoon in my bag with which to eat them with but I know that God loves a trier and I am here to say that I am that trier.


http://fbmedical.fr/aftepaes/1091 2.  ONE UNWRAPPED TAMPON.

http://acps.cat/author/Acps2017/ Some might say that this is unhygienic but really what else am I supposed to do when advertising makes me embarrassed about my period? Just because you don’t unwrap you tampons before you leave the house in the morning doesn’t mean you can go casting your aspersions on me.

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here Can you believe I thought I was holding everything together here?^

24 trading I’m back! WOT??! That’s right, it has been about a year since I stopped blogging and I am still a massive narcissist. For a while I thought that this blog fuelled my narcissism but as my ego hasn’t shrunken at all in the past year, I can only assume that it was the other way round and this blog is actually fuelled by my narcissism. Either way, I’m back!

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