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follow link The internet is full of a lot of shit right now and I keep thinking about it. There have been a million thoughts on what HW has done and tbh I don’t know how to even articulate my thoughts of that shit show, but Mayim Bialik’s NYT piece has been irritating me so here are some roughly formed thoughts on why she wrote total rubbish.

http://arbhojpuri.com/download-song/147/ Mayim Bialik, who is obviously hideous and not like other girls, wrote a piece for the New York Times on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and rape allegations this weekend and she sounded a lot like me aged sixteen. I used to tell boys that I couldn’t physically fart and put maybeline dream matte mouse on my lips to get the natural look. I was chatting strange shit when I was 16 and Mayim was writing some strange shit when she wrote that piece.

Trading CFDs and/or free forex training involves significant risk of capital loss. According to Mayim people openly calling themselves feminists don’t get assaulted. This is why Roxanne Gay and Lena Dunham can’t go on twitter for words of encouragement and kindness all day. Friends of mine don’t shave their armpits and this has meant that all men either leave them alone completely or just straight up ask them about their academic achievements. Please, don’t be so fucking stupid.

opzioni binarie 1 5 10 minutiù opcje binarne range Apparently, sexual assault is about sex and in Hollywood it only happens to ‘leading ladies.’ Even if Mayim had a mind blank and forgot that BME women are underrepresented in Hollywood and overrepresented in sexual assault statistics, literally just the most basic google of sexual assault tells you that it’s about power and not sex. It’s why white plantation owners raped black women they kept as slaves, why abusive husbands rape their wives and why Harvey Weinstein assaulted and raped women in an industry that he had huge power in.

köp Viagra i sverige I’m so tired of hearing people tell sexual assault victims and survivors, ‘what did you expect?’ Obviously they expected a fucking business meeting, audition or interview; should they have expected something else? Maybe not if they wore they big jumper I guess. It’s already fucking exhausting living in the world where sexual assault is tolerated, can we please just not shit on those brave enough to come forward because they’re paving the way for others in the future who are seeking justice.

opzioni binarie robot automatico Ultimately, Harvey Weinstein and those who covered up his crimes are the ones who need to go and die, but Mayim please be the feminist you claim to be and pretend these women did anything to invite crimes against them. Also The Big Bang Theory isn’t funny, just sayin’.


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