Can you believe I thought I was holding everything together here?^

I’m back! WOT??! That’s right, it has been about a year since I stopped blogging and I am still a massive narcissist. For a while I thought that this blog fuelled my narcissism but as my ego hasn’t shrunken at all in the past year, I can only assume that it was the other way round and this blog is actually fuelled by my narcissism. Either way, I’m back!

A lot has happened in this past year, I’ve been happy and sad and bloated and sweaty, and silly and other normal human emotions. I’ve mainly, however, been recovering. That’s right folks, this time last year I was an absolute mess. I didn’t have any hair on top of my head, I couldn’t sleep alone, I wanted to stab myself in the leg most of the time, I had diarrhoea a lot (this was a separate issue as it turned out) and I was utterly and completely depressed. I wasn’t enjoying this blog anymore because literally breathing felt like hard work so keeping up an online presence was not about to be something I could do.

SO this time I’m going to do things a bit differently because nowadays I’m all about #selflove and so I don’t do shit that doesn’t make me happy (including and not limited to trying to get into Game of Thrones).

I’m going to write whatever and whenever I want to. Sometimes I’m going to try really really hard to be funny and we can LOL together at weird things people have said to me after sex or something. Other times I’m going to rant about austerity and how the Tories are fucking over most people in the country. IT WILL BE LIKE ONE BIG PICK’N’MIX! Maybe I’ll even confide in you about the fact that I keep peeing during sex and I don’t know what to do about it. WHO KNOWS?!


Ok well, watch this space for mediocre content and blurry imagery.


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